January 18, 2007

Party Pooper...

Since I'm home sick with the-cold-that-won't-die, I got to watch the Today Show and they had a segment called "Kids' Parties are Out of Control." They had an "expert" on talking about how parents are going to far when throwing birthday parties for their kids and that the pressure parents are putting on each other [and their kids] is dangerous. Who knew there was an expert on this subject? Apparently there is a whole research group devoted to this phenomenon called Birthdays Without Pressure. On their website you can rate the "birthday party pressure" in your community and take a quiz to see how much pressure you're under about birthday parties.


If you ask me [and I am fully aware that you didn't] it's a parent's prerogative to throw their child whatever party they please. As long as the child enjoys him or herself, it's all good. But putting pressure on other parents, themselves and their kids for a BIRTHDAY PARTY is just ridiculous. And while shows like "My Super Sweet Sixteen" are completely feeding this nonsense, I think those shows are great because they expose the spoiled and bratty guests of honor throwing fits and walking around with an arrogant sense of entitlement -- that should be enough incentive to make you not want to throw your little princess a bithday bash that breaks the bank. So, if you're feeling stressed about planning your kid's party, please get a grip. I don't mean to sound harsh or anything, but aren't there much more important things to worry about?

Like say, making sure your little girls don't grow up to idolize clueless alcoholic teen stars like Lindsey Lohan. At least she checked herself into rehab yesterday.

I guess the party's over -- for her anyway.


Jen said...

I agree! I don't live in an extremely affluent neighborhood, so there isn't that much to "keep up with", but I still try to keep my kids' birthday parties simple.

For example, my dd just turned 5 and we had a princess tea party. She was only able to invite 8 friends and we just did crafts, played games and had a simple snack. No moonbounce, no hired performer, no buid-a-stuff-a-friend, etc.. I'm not saying all that stuff isn't nice or fun or I would never do that I just know that I want to be careful as not to set any precedence as to what they will expect year after year. By the way, she loved the simple party and it seemed like her friends had fun too, so I think it can be done without spending a fortune.

I hadn't heard about L.L. checking herself into rehab. She is a mess. Glad she's getting help.

Anonymous said...

I agree 1000%

Kate said...

I have to say I agree and I am thinking there are lots of parents who think the same way..

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