January 18, 2007

Mamalaw # 11 - It takes a village

Yesterday DD had a case of diaper rash again (I think she's teething and everything's going crazy) and as I stood in line at CVS, I thought about my mama friends and how much I appreciate their suggestions on motherhood.

I'm learning that we should always lean on other mamas for help - even with the smallest things. Talking to other young mothers provides not only an outlet for those crazy stressful days, but an invaluable resource for those times that you just don't know what to do and your own mother has no suggestions.

Case in point, this photo is sort of an ad for "Triple Paste Ointment" but I'm using this image because there is NO way I would have ever known about this miracle product had I not relied on my other mama friends for insight on the most minute matters (e.g. diaper rash). I threw the question out to my friends (J. Fergie & J. Jones) and wisdom was revealed with regard to practices and procedures and even better...suggestions.

So, no question about motherhood/parenthood is too small to ask your mama friends, because there is NO way you could do it all by yourself and that's why we should always ask for help!

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Justice Fergie said...

Yep, it's so important to ask for help. It really does take a village. Like Shannon said in MamaLaw #10, giving and asking for help is the key to the Momma Code!

Glad the TriplePaste worked out for you!

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