January 30, 2007

ME! Casa...

It all started when we went to IKEA to find (hmmm...I don't really know what we went there to find) Ah yes of course, the bottle rack. Well while we were there, Oldest couldn't get enough of the playhouses that the company has so cleverly dispersed throughout the store. It would be even smarter of them if they actually sold those houses b/c I'm tellin' ya, the children love 'em. As Hubby and I were trying to coax Oldest out of the house because we were positively Swedish'ed-out, I made the mistake suggestion of saying: "I bet Daddy could build you a playhouse of your very own!"

And just like that "Project Take Over the Living Room" was born.

Hubby has really gotten into this project and was busy drawing plans and taking measurements. It's been great fun. Saturday we went to Home Depot to pick up the materials. All the while, Oldest keeps asking about her "house." Not quite sure if she knew what was happening but she had a blast riding around the lumber aisle [shoot me!] in any event.

Here's Phase 1:
For this momentous occasion, Hubby even dusted off the brand new sawhorses that he insisted he needed for Christmas 2005.

Ah. My hubby. He's so "level-headed." Get it? Hahahaha. Oh, forget it.

Oldest surveying Daddy's progress.

Team Playhouse in full effect.

Check out Mommy's phat cutouts!

Notice how Oldest has already put her table and chair set inside. The house is so cute. My living room right now? Not so much.

Stay tuned for pics of the finished product!


Justice Jones said...

This is amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

WOW - those look soooooo great! Do you think he wants to make one for us too! ;)

How lucky your kids are!

and thanks sooo much for your congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I'm so impressed. That would have been a disaster in the "Ville"! GOOOO Joe(In a GI Joe voice)!!!
Auntie Fe :)

The NON-Superwoman said...

Too cute. Kudos to daddy. And even more kudos to mommy for suggesting the project.

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