January 11, 2007

*UPDATED* MamaLaw #9 - Give Back

Now of course the golden rule is one of the fundamental principles that we all should be following, regardless of whether we are mothers or not and in every context of our lives, not just parenting. But I thought it would make a good MamaLaw because of our responsibility to teach our children to be nice people [I hear some do still exist!] and as part of that, to be active social citizens. As I get older, I am realizing how important personal relationships, moral character and community involvement are to my life, my children's futures and our society as a whole. 2007 is just beginning and we should all take the time to think about how we are going to incorporate this principle into our resolutions for the year. Lest my post become too heavy [perish the thought!], I will wrap up by telling you about the MLK Day Initiative. It's an inititative by the federal government to make MLK Day a day of service, and the website allows you to search for a community service project by state. They even have several family-friendly service projects that you and your kids can take part in. This sounds like a fun and easy way to give back to the community and a great opportunity to teach your own children the importance of community service. I've already signed us up!

So Nat and I went to volunteer at the Community for Creative Non-Violence yesterday. It was a great experience, not only to participate in the MLK Day Initiative, but to learn about the important history of the center which houses over 1,300 homeless men and women in DC. The center also has a domestic violence shelter, a drug and alcohol rehab program, a food program, a clothing program and a job program. You know what's funny? All we were asked to do was to chat with some of the men recovering in the infirmary. Most, if not all, don't have family and were very happy to have a visitor to talk to. And so, a simple conversation brightened someone's day. How easy was that? Makes you think...Hope you had a good King Day.

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