January 11, 2007

J. Fergie's Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I Plan to Do This Weekend

1. Purchase birthday gifts for the two-year-old twins whose birthday party my daughters have been invited to. Any suggestions for good gifts? Their mother has pleaded with me not to buy them any toys and clothes are so boring for a toddler to open.

2. Attend the party. I'm looking forward to it. The parents of the twins are a great couple [our age for once!] The mom is a
Mocha friend of mine. The trick will be to convince Hubby that he will have fun at the party. He has been on an anti-kid party rampage for some months now.

3. Prepare and deliver a meal to a Mocha friend who gave birth last week. A definite perk of our mommy group is that we deliver the new mom meals twice a week for a month after she brings the baby home from the hospital. Having been a recipient of the meals, I can honestly say that it's a real blessing. I think I will make them my delicious taco casserole.

4. Go with Hubby to see Blood Diamond. He has been dying to see this movie since it came out. The last opportunity we had to go to the movies he was outvoted and we went to see Dreamgirls instead. Well, he didn't actually go. My MIL, SIL and I went while Hubby, his dad and my BIL watched the 5 kids. Apparently "men" don't go to see that movie.

5. Attend my second Weight Watchers meeting. Wish me luck on the weigh-in!

6. Visit
a new church. Ever since the pastor dies at the church I belong to, I haven't felt compelled to go and I've been searching for a church home. You know, one that just "fits."

7. Clean the house. Again. And finally put away the Christmas decorations and obsolete baby gear that have been piling up in front of our storage space in the basement. Hubby will be ecstatic.

8. Catch up on my missed episodes of Top Chef. And watch a chick flick. I've been trying to watch one every week thanks to On Demand. This is my "me" time. Last week I watched The Family Stone. it was sooo good. I even got teary-eyed at the end.

9. Purchase booster seats for Oldest. Now that Youngest is in a convertible seat, we no longer have a set of car seats in each car [we put both convertible seats in Hubby's car]. It doesn't make sense to buy two more convertible seats since Oldest will be turning three this year, so I figure we can buy two booster seats since Oldest is 35lbs, and have a set for both gorls in each car. Any booster seat recommendations?

10. Visit one of my dearest friends who is giving birth to her second child tomorrow. I'm so excited. Don'cha just love new babies?

11. Purchase baby shower gifts. My office is throwing a baby shower for one of my co-workers next week and I'm in charge of getting the gifts. My weekdays are jam-packed, so if doesn't get done on the weekend, it's not getting done!

12. Volunteer for MLK Day. See
MamaLaw #9.

13. Enjoy my family! I am looking forward to the boundless energy, contagious laughter, snuggly hugs, lazy mornings, pizza-ordering, family-errand running and general company of my nutty bunch.

Did you just get tired reading about my weekend plans? I did. At least it's a 3-day weekend!

Have a good one.

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JohnH985 said...

Sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend.

My 13 are up.

Starrlight said...

The last couple Top Chefs have been fun!

My TT is up as well =)

Raggedy said...

Great list.
So much to look forward to.
Hubby gets friday off too!
Ah, babies everywhere..what fun!
PS. I love the tag line on your blog.
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

Justice Jones said...

One questions, when will you sleep?

Justice Fergie said...

sleep is for the weak. heh heh.

but seriously, it's Sunday afternoon and I've pretty much accomplished everything on my list according to schedule and i've plenty of time to laze around and do nothing.

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