December 07, 2006

More Devastating News...

An acquaintance of ours died today. She was driving her son to school and had a head-on collision with another mother who had her 2 sons in the car. Both moms dies instantly. Fortunately, all of the children are in stable condition. This news hits close to home -- DH went to high school with the mother who was a teacher, and she went to college with J. Jones and I. She leaves behind a loving family, including her 5-year-old son, husband and twin sister. Let's keep them all in our prayers. Another reminder that life is sacred and not to take today for granted.

You can see the story here.

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Justice Jones said...

Yes, this was really sad. Although I was not that close to Lisette, I knew her sister better and I'm told she "lost it." I can't imagine the grief. Life is too short!

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