March 05, 2010


Orange County ladies

There was so much action/drama on last night's episode that I could barely keep up. Because of more urgent business, I joined the RHOC finale half way through, so I don't have a full picture of what happened before 10:35pm. I will scour the network this weekend for a re-run because it just doesn't seem right that I didn't see the entire episode.

Tamra and Simon

The last 25 minutes showed that Simon and Tamra were so disconnected in terms of their views of their marriage. At one point I wondered whether they were in the same relationship! How in the world could Tamra be bawling her eyes out on one side of the room, while Simon is on the other side of the room saying that things were great. Did Simon really believe that things were great or did he just want to maintain his privacy and put on a good face? Not sure... Notwithstanding, there is definitely more than just a turbulent marriage at issue. Last night's episode really had me wondering why Tamra was so scared of Simon. The twitterverse was on fire with the same question. Did you have the same thought? Have you heard anything more about their relationship?

Tamra and Vicki

With caveat noted above, I don't understand how Tamra was so duplicitous. Just a couple weeks ago Tamra was hanging Vicki out to dry and then last night's episode she's leaning on Vicki's shoulder explaining that she's always had Vicki's back. Tamra...don't you realize that Vicki is going to see all the private interviews and things that were said behind her back? Also, did you get the feeling that Vicki was eager to help Tamra because it was her way of telling her "I told you so!"? That was my impression but I could be totally wrong.

Aside from a few fashion faux pas (read Gretchen) there's not much more that I can comment on based on 25 minutes of air time.

New York City ladies

I enjoyed seeing these ladies again. We played catch-up most of the episode, but I must lament on a couple points:

Ramona's secret

Romana's mantra last night was "I'm renewing myself" - she cut her hair and had some work done (although she vehemently denied it). I don't believe that she suddenly looked 7 years younger because of the sun!!! I think she wants folks to comment on how good she looked so that she could stretch the truth and say it was her cosmetic line. In my opinion, she just needs to own the plastic surgery.

Luann's bitterness

In my opinion, Luann is a stunning older lady. I've always admired her clothes and her look, but I could do without her obnoxious attitude. As you may already know the Countess got a divorce (we'll see it sometime this season) and I would conclude that she's bitter. She had the funkiest little attitude with everyone last night. It was a combination of being the victim, while still riding on her high horse, yet feeling shame and (maybe) regret that her life is a mess. I hope she gets it together; but if she doesn't, I hope she doesn't maintain this attitude throughout the season because she will not be a likable person at all at this rate.

Bethenny's in love

The Skinny Girl got herself a cutie pie boyfriend. She's pretty caught up with her new beau, Jason, and if you watched the aftershow you would know that she's now 6 months preggars. Congratulations are in order for them both. I don't quite know whether I like Jason or for that matter, whether I like Bethenny+Jason, but we'll see.

Can't wait for next week.

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Another great recap!
What's with Lynn and her drunk girls?? I can't get over her ignorance at her girls and this episode is just a snippet at what's going on. There is no excuse for the way she parents. No excuse. Bravo, get those girls some help!

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