March 08, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Giggles!

Giggles turned 4 on Friday! Time is flying. This was a big birthday for her. It seems that "4" is the magic age for a lot of things that are important to her: summer camp, dance classes, the classroom breakdown at school, etc. And while she was looking forward to her birthday, I know that deep down she was also a little anxious. She had some potty accidents, which is rare. She also started sucking her thumb more furiously that usual and became even more attached to her favorite things. So by her actual birthday, Hubby and I were careful to let her know that we were excited for her, but also not to make too big a deal out of it. And she took it in stride. She did MUCH better at her party this year - even though she did ask us not to sing "Happy Birthday" to her at her party. I'm so proud of my little lady. And God knows Mama is in no hurry for her to grow up.

Happy Birthday Munchkin!

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