February 12, 2010

RHOC Recap - Take control of your own destiny

Tonight's episode was steaming hot. There were so many issues: Lynne's eviction, Brianna's cancer scare, Alexis' psychotic dependent marriage, which one do I focus on??? Since we've shared our thoughts about Alexis and let's pray that Brianna's situation is only a scare, I want to share a few thoughts about Lynne's eviction and shear mismanagement of money and lack of being in touch with reality.

My first question is how could she not know what was going on with the family's finances? There's no way that I would not know what's going on with the financial situation in my household, but I understand that there are some women that do not play an active role in the management of the family's finances. I totally accept and understand that. However, wake up Lynne! Have you read the paper or watched the news in 2008 or 2009? Regardless of how much money you have, we're all suffering in this recession - for some, that means downgrading from a Maserati to a Benz, while for others it means more dramatic curtailing of spending. My point is that it's affected everyone. Lynne, you are not immune from the recession. You already "downsized" this season because things were tough, so wouldn't that have been the signal that money was tight.

Second, Frank mentioned that Lynne couldn't handle the truth and was living in a bubble. I agree with him 100%. How selfish, inconsiderate, irresponsible and plain ol' ignorant of your actions could she have acted? Why would you proceed to go on a shopping trip to another city after just getting an eviction notice? Did she believe that everything would be okay when she returned? To further exacerbate the situation, she actually purchased items while on the trip - a $1200 jacket, was that really necessary?

Last, I feel like she neglected her kids in this situation. They are almost grown women, but if she was as concerned about them as she professed, she should have stayed with them to make sure they were okay.

Lynne has totally lost her mind and is too caught up with living in the OC. She needs to look at Gina and Laurie and back away from the show to care care of her family. Her daughters are crying out for help, her marriage is on the rocks and now her finances are in a mess. Get it together Lynne - take better charge of your destiny.

I think the take-away from this episode is that women have to get more involved in their family's financial destiny. Even if you're not the accountant in the relationship, be at least aware of what's going on - are you a few dollars away from becoming a millionaire or being homeless.

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Family Balance Sheet said...

Thanks for the recap. I totally missed it last night, forgot it was Thursday night. I LOVE that show and the rest of them too.

I think Lynne has shown many times that she is not too bright. Maybe it is how they edit...I have little sympathy to women close their eyes to their finances.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how some women have no idea what is going on in their household. Lynn does live beyond her means but her husband should have told her what was going on from the girl. She's gonna have to learn how to handle the truth. Then there's Vicki and her daughter. If she had not been there for her daughter's byopsy I would have personally slapped her. I think that whole clan of women are falling apart at the seems. None of them really have anything in common anymore. I'm sure Jeanna is soooo glad she's out of it.

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