February 15, 2010

The guilt and sadness of work

It's just about 10pm on President's Day Monday night and I'm very sad thinking about going to work tomorrow (almost as sad as I was when I started working after being laid off for a couple months). We've been home for the past 11 days because of the sno-pocalypse that we just endured here in the DC region; and as much as I was tired of the snow, I quickly became very accustomed being home with my family with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Because the roads were bad and most places were closed, there wasn't the pressure of doing something. It was all about hanging out with each other, watching tv and talking. Both hubby and I actually worked a lot from home, but with the ease of not having to go out there and face the stress of everyday life. I realized once again, that hubby and I make a good team and that I really like my princess. We cooked, and watched movies and shoveled snow - all together. It was a memorable time. This is what I want to be able to do with my life. I want to work from home and spend time (and I mean real time) with the people I love; not just see them for 2 hours a night and one day a weekend - there's no fairness in that; there's so much sadness in work.

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Justice Fergie said...

hear hear. i feel EXACTLY the same way. we had a great time during our "snowcation." i am trying to turn my sadness into happiness at the blessing we got: another week together! i took a week before Christmas and that was great too. maybe 1 week off every month or so is just what the doctor ordered.

so glad you had a great week! here's to making our dreams comes true in the near future :)

Not so Anonymous said...

Ny, I totally understand. As much as I love my work, I love spending time with my daughter more. I'm her only active parent and I feel like she deserves double the time from me, so I struggle with guilt issues. Not to mention she's getting older and I keep thinking about how she'll be out of the house in 7 years, and how I have to give her all kinds of memories before then.

I hope a great opportunity presents itself so that you can work from home and enjoy your loved ones as much as you desire!


Jonez said...

Some families can't even be in the same house for 11 days without killing each other. I'm happy the snowstorm reconnected/reignited/refreshed (re-anything!!) your family.

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