December 17, 2009

Smart Cookie Tip Exchange #3 - $hop $mart

I love nice things - who doesn't, right. Christmas time is especially difficult because I want to get nice gifts for everyone (and myself too) but after I make a list, I'm broke.

So, here are a couple tips that may work for you:

1. Give presents to families rather than individuals. You may find it much smarter to give a present that the entire family can enjoy rather than buying 4 or 5 separate gifts for kids and parents (if you're so inclined). So maybe give your family friends a dvd pack of family movies or large basket of goodies.

2. Save for yourself while shopping for others. This is a great strategy for kids shopping. I buy most of Princess' clothes at Gymboree and for most of the month of December a member can earn Gymbucks - a program whereby every $50 spent entitles you to a certificate worth $25 which is redeemable at a specified time in January. So, I don't get any clothes for princess in November or December and buy clothes as Christmas presents for the kids on my list, and then I return in January to get stuff for princess. So, I get a savings for stuff I would have had to get anyway. (BTW, to all my personal friends, your kids are getting clothes from me AGAIN this year).

What are your shopping tips or strategy?

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Krystal Grant said...

So sorry to say I have no shopping strategies. I really suck at shopping for other people, even my children and husband. I can never decide what is the best thing to buy for them. But when it comes to shopping for myself....I have it all covered! I can go in a store and within 15 minutes tried on and purchased an entire outfit!

Peter and Nancy said...

I'm a big fan of the family gift too!

I always look at places like TJ Maxx first -- they carry good name brands at a great discount, and the one by us has great toys too (I've found brands like Chicco, Melissa & Doug, etc.). Then, if I can't find it there, I look at other stores. My only strategy is "Paying full price is for sissies!" :o)

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