September 19, 2009

Missing My BFFs

It's Saturday night, Hubby's out watching The Fight, and I'm home watching the Sex In the City Movie. It's at the part where Carrie jumps out of bed to trek all the way to Miranda's place just before midnight in the snow on New Year's Eve.

It literally makes me tear up each time I watch it.

I know that, well it's just a movie, and that Carrie and her crew are in a completely different situation seeing as how they don't have any kids, but a part of me thinks it would be so amazing to have my close girlfriends all in one city. Yes, I have phone and email and the occasional trip, but it's not the same...I miss my friends. How nice would it be to be able to grab a coffee or go shopping or to a yoga class with one of my best girlfriends? Maybe I'll make more of an effort to spend QT with my BFFs - kids, job, marriage, distance and all.

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Kathy Sykes said...

I totally relate to what you are saying about having all of your girlfriends in one city. Mine are spread out too (mostly in TX) and I am in TN.
I LOVE that movie! My favorite part is when BIG jumps out of the limo to talk to Carrie (after standing her up) and she hits him with her bouquet and CHARLOTTE, of all people, tells him to stay back!!! She Rocks!

from the desk of said...

i agree. it would be so nice to have all my close friends nearby. since the chances of this happening are rather slim, i have often thought that planning a yearly girls' trip would be the perfect solution.

Jonez said...

You already know I'm in this dilemma. My girlfriends (and JJ) rock my world. I have been seriously contemplating moving back east for this reason. What am I doing?! I need to take advantage of this time before they get kids.

Peter and Nancy said...

My BFFs are in Chicago and Indianapolis -- but I'm also lucky enough to have one in my city. I miss college and my early 20s, though, when we all lived close or were roommates . . .
-- Nancy

Ms. Latina said...

I totally agree. Most of my GFs live in the same city but it seems like we get so caught up in our everyday responsibilities, thinking tomorrow, tomorrow I'll reach out tomorrow until we look and days have become years!

Thank you for reminding me! I am going to call a few friends right now!

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