August 03, 2009

A Letter

August 3, 2009

Dear DC Summer,

I was wondering where you had gone to? We've been enjoying gorgeous weather with crisp, sunny mornings and breezy afternoons. The rainfall has been light and I've been able to wear my hair out without a care. My kids have been enjoying the park in the afternoons and even riding bikes in the evening. Dinner on the deck is sublime and we even open our windows on occasion.

But now, you're back in town.

And so we're back to 88-degree temperatures at sunrise. Humidity that's off the charts. Parents racing to get their kids to the park by 10am to avoid heatstroke. Delivery men sweating through their rounds (shout out to the poor, sweaty Utz delivery guy I saw today). My hair's back in a ponytail and I'm opting to bring my lunch to work to avoid having to weather the high-noon sun.

Oh DC summer, where had you gone to? And don't you want to go back?

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1 comment:

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Hope you get DC summer back :)
I love Georgetown ....

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