August 26, 2009

BetterU: D-Day

Um, where did the summer go? It's been over 12 weeks since the MamaLaw ladies and Joshilyn flew to Dallas to get started on becoming more heart healthy with the BetterU program. I can't believe how the time has flown by. The experience has been a good one, I think, for the simple fact that my own awareness about fitness and eating habits has been dramatically raised.

Eating Habits
While I have not lost the pounds that I was hoping to (yet!?) I can say with confidence that I've altered my eating habits in a positive way. My good friend who is staying with us temporarily even said on Sunday: "You are so good with the food." Meaning, that was no longer an area that I am struggling in. And I would agree. Of course I still love food and crave the occasional carb fest, but I am much more conscientious about eating those types of foods in moderation.

On the fitness front, you know my story. I was off to a strong start, but just didn't maintain for whatever reason. I just don't enjoy exercise! That said, I am proud that I stuck with the walk-jog regiment for 6 weeks, even though it's been almost that long since I've walk-jogged. I know this is my barrier and I'm still working on overcoming it.

So wish me luck next week! On Tuesday we will all be back at the Cooper Institute in Dallas taking our Post-BetterU health assessments. Hopefully I will have shown some improvement, especially with my BMI, which is my major area of focus. In the meantime, if you have strategies for fitting in and enjoying exercising, please, please share.

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this One's for the girls said...

Sigh. Sadly, I need a deadline. The only way I get regular exercise is if I sign up for a class that meets at a specific time & days of the week. Also, I know that I will be throwing money away if I don't go, so I'm more motivated. It's fun to get to know the other people in the class, too, so there's a social motivation. :o)

Hope you get good news from your BMI assessment!
-- Nancy

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