August 10, 2009

Because I'm 32 Years Old and I Deserve It

Lately I have been driving Hubby crazy with that line. I don't know what it is, but since turning 32 (and actually even a little before then), I have taken the attitude that there are just some things that I should have or do simply because I am a grown up now for Pete's sake.

Take for example, my watch situation. Up until my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I was rocking the same cheap, bland watch I do have 2 "nice" watches sitting in my jewelry box on my dresser, but the battery is dead in one and the strap is broken on the other, so I have been relegated to my Avon specials out of sheer necessity. So when it came time for me to tell Hubby what I wanted for my birthday (no, he did not actually ask in case you were wondering. but a smart woman should always be prepared in these situations.) I told him what kind of watch I wanted, to which he replied: "But you have a perfectly functional watch now." To which I replied: "Yes, but it's wack. And I'm 32 years old and deserve a decent watch dammit." Apparently he tried to find the watch on his lunch break on my birthday but they didn't have the color I wanted. So I got steak instead. Luckily my good friend observed my sad watch situation and gave me a stylish one as my birthday gift.

Speaking of my dresser. It's much like the dining room situation I recently described. Well, ok, not that bad, but the fact of the matter is that we don't have nearly enough room for our my toiletries, jewelry, makeup, etc., so our dresser is a piled-high disaster. I recently decided that I was getting a vanity for our room to have a proper place to put my stuff. I made my big announcement to Hubby, prefacing it with: "I'm 32 years old and I deserve to have a proper place for my crap dammit." To which he did not reply.

This weekend we were shopping for bath towels (riveting, I know). But we need to replace our towels in a bad way. Let's just say we still have some left from our college days. No lie. Anyway, we went to this awesome housewares store that sells designer goods at discounted prices. I was choosing these plush, thick towels for us to purchase when Hubby aka El Cheapo said: "Do we really need those? What about those ones down there?" and points to the cheapest, thinnest ones available. To which I replied: "I am 32 years old and deserve nice towels dammit." To which he sighed and caved.

I don't know what it is, but these days I will not settle for less. I'm tired of skimping and "getting by" with less. I'm 32 years old and I deserve it dammit.

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Justice Ny said...

LOL!!! This is so funny because I've been the same thing now for a while - clearly it hasn't really worked out for me; so I must not be saying it forcefully. Keep us posted on how things go!

Justice Jonesie said...

Preaching to the choir sister!! I thought i was going to get a new watch for my 9th year anniversary and i was sadly mistaken because not only did i not get the watch, I GOT NADA!! as in nothing. i got a nice card that said "gift coming....." that was two weeks ago. (i inquired as to the status of my gift this weekend and hubby had just as much clue as me as to its status).

as for the towels, good towels are just as important as eating vegetables. it's a must. check and go for the Egyptian cotton!

Jennifer said...

And why shouldn't you get everything you ask for from the hubs? You ARE 32, and you DO deserve it! :-)

JJ said...

Yes you do!!! I hope you get a nice watch FINALLY!! tee hee!

Mocha Dad said...

Maybe you didn't deserve it.

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