July 27, 2009

When Mommy's away princess will have her way

I was away for a couple days at BlogHer in Chicago (incidentally, I had a blast) and I returned from the conference a little early. Much to my surprise, I returned home and princess had had a ball. Apparently, daddy went to Sears shopping for god only knows what and princess must have stumbled across a Hannah Montana showcase because there was a plethora of random items H.M.-related in MY bed when I returned.

  • H.M. flip flops - two sizes bigger than she wears and she can't even walk in them!
  • H.M. socks - really, is it that serious? The H.M. logo is on the bottom of the foot so no one will ever see it! (see pic)

  • Three dresses that must have been on or near the display because otherwise daddy would never have bought them

  • H.M. hair accessories out the wazoo - about eight hairbands and 50 million elastics - by the way, her hair is about 4 inches long; it's going to be at least a few years before she can even use these things

Clearly, when mommy's away princess reigns the day - so it worked out well for both ladies in my household -- mommy got some me (and girl) time and princess had her time!

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Justice Jonesie said...

I'm cracking up!! Four inches long, come on. Give the girl a little more credit than that.

Look at Daddy, isn't that sweet!!

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha ha! Thank heaven she's not 16 yet, or you might've come home to a new car. :o) There is definitely a different relationship between daddies and daughters than daddies and sons!
-- Nancy

Justice Fergie said...

SO funny because i came to home to Chatterbox and Giggles rockin' brand new graffiti-style Nike kicks! (that i never would have chosen myself). they are just thrilled at the shoes that Daddy let them pick out. (Incidentally, when we went to Dallas for BetterU, Daddy bought them jeweled jelly sandals.)

They also got their own house keys made (??? come on, they're 5 and 3) on a special pink pirate keys because they liked the kiosk in the mall.

Just goes to show that the daddies REALLY DO know what makes a woman happy (i.e. shopping) - they just pretend like they don't!

Justice Ny said...

Nancy....Hubby said that he almost got her a car - yes, a H.M. car!!! Give me patience please:)

Hula Hooping Mom said...

LOL my princess is the same way :)

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