July 06, 2009

My new lover...

I've taken a new lover ... of shoes, that is. After being a tad bit upset with my real life lover, I trekked on up to my local mall in search of a new outfit. I had no luck on the outfit side; but lots of luck in the shoe department. I stumbled on a new addition to Union Station - Shoe Woo. By the time I left, I wasn't so mad at RL lover any more.

It was fabulous and trendy and hip and young. And most importantly, there were shoes and bags everywhere. The design is not like your typical shoe store where the walls are lined with shelves of shoes. Rather, the walls were lined, and the center consoles and the tables of varying heights and there were shoes on rotating platforms...maybe even some dangling from the ceiling.

And, more impressive was the fact that they don't just sell one brand, they sell multiple brands - it was like being in shoe heaven. It's funny because it was like being in a department store, but not really. Maybe we can call it a shoe boutique! They carried Nine West, Joan & David, Anne Klein, Bandolino (and maybe a few other brands). Anyway, at this time there are only 2 locations - DC and NJ.

Shoe retailers out there listen up ... this is what we (read I) want. A variety of brands of sexy shoes, all in one place. Shoe heaven, I say, shoe heaven.

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Ananda said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will check them out next time I am in Union Station.

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