July 30, 2009

Full House

So the kids were gone exactly three weeks. Yes, three weeks. Every July the Hubs and I take them to Kansas where my parents live. Before we hightail it head back home, we normally spend a few days, maybe a week, with my folks and then the Hubs and I are foot loose and fancy free.

Yes, I said foot loose and fancy free. That's southern for no kids to worry about for a long, long time.

So what did we do with our time?

We took a "staycation." Staycation means staying home, not paying for travel, and acting like a tourist in your own city because the economy has sucked out all your real vacation money and you really have no choice but to stay home.

We went bowling, we went to the movies, I did some projects around the house. So did the Hubs. I worked on planning Blogalicious. Went to some more movies. Did some more work on Blogalicious, and then went to BlogHer.

By the second week I was missing my kids terribly. I kept going in their rooms and tidying up. Reorganized things at night. Smoothed out their bed comforters. Checked on their fish.

I was pretty pathetic. What's worse is my two Mama's boys cried or whimpered every.time.I.talked.to. them. "Mommy, I need you." "Mommy, I miss you." "Mommy, I need you to tuck me in, only you can do it."

What did Missy do? She wasn't worried about me. In fact, she was too busy to talk to her Mama. Not only does she love spending time with my parents, she's so independent, she really doesn't need me. She's my kid that will go to college out in California or something and leave two weeks early because she's so excited.

So everyone came home late last night and my heart was beating through my chest as I waited for my family to appear from behind the airport's secured area. When Little B saw me he started crying with relief. Oldest was grinning from ear to ear. Little Missy looked at us and tried to suppress her excitement. She's too cool to act like she actually missed her parents. Of course.

So the house is full again. It's loud. I've already broken up several fights. I've already threatened several of them with their lives if they didn't straighten up. I made a huge meal. I forced some of them to eat it, "or else." I made another meal because not everyone wanted the original meal. I was awakened in the middle of the night because Little B crawled into our bed. I already had to pry open Oldest's mouth to make sure that he did in fact brush.his.teeth(!) before he went to his friend's house to play. The Hubs left early for work, which I'll assume for his benefit, was a coincidence.

This weekend I'll be school shopping because my younger to are back to school next week. I'll be the parent driving across town looking for that one school supply that can't be found anywhere except on Ebay shipped from the U.K., or something like that. You know, the usual routine. And I love it.

Did you take a vacation or staycation this year? If so, where too?

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Justice Fergie said...

what a nice post! i know how you feel. i was only away for 4 days at BlogHer and I was totally missing my brood.

this year we were fortunate enough to do a vacation. albeit one within driving distance. we had a blast and the kids are still talking about it. i think we'll try to take one more short roadtrip before school starts, but that's it!

welcome home kiddies!!!!

Sheliza said...

aww how cute. We have stayed around town. Being that we are a family of five living with one income really does not leave a whole lot of room for vacations. No big deal to me anyway. I am thinking about Atlanta in October though...for Blogalicious ;)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Isn't that amazing? A couple days ago was when I heard the term Staycation in an email I receive from Lainesletters.com and now here I am reading about another staycation. Maybe it's time I organized one from my hubby and I. Thanks for sharing.

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