July 12, 2009


No matter what I do or how hard I try, every Sunday night it's a mad dash to get all the household stuff done on my ever-growing list. Inevitably, I am either washing clothes, folding, vacuuming or some other extremely mundane, but necessary task. One of two things has to occur: either I hire some help or weekends change from two to three days. It appears however that the likelihood of either of these things happening is as high as me relaxing on Sunday night - great!

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Shannon said...

Can so relate....I would be doing the same thing tonight except I took a vacation day on Monday. Normally, Sunday nights are awful though, I think I dread them more than Monday mornings!

from the desk of ....me said...

i learned about flylady (www.flylady.net) a few years ago and it's changed the way i clean. u should check it out...i'm a bit ocd so i created a chore chart where i do 2-3 chores a day and i'm all done by friday...no chores on saturdays or sundays...hope you find flylady helpful

Justice Fergie said...

i HATE the sunday rush. in fact, I HATE putting my home life "on hold" until the weekends. if it doesn't get done on the weekend, then I have to wait until the next, b/c during the week, i have no time for anything but to go to work, come home, feed and bathe children and go to work again. I HATE IT.

Gee that was an uplifting comment there, Fergie.

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