July 31, 2009

Because Daddy Says I Can

I'm sure you've seen these JuiceBoxJungle ads in your internet travel - they're everywhere! Well, one reason we signed on to host these ads is because their episodes are really thought-provoking and touch on some of the real issues facing parents out here.

I meant to post about episode "Grandma Says I Can" for a while now, but I just couldn't find the time. There is a new episode online now (see sidebar) about another very interesting issue - pacifiers or not.

But, back to the point at hand...my issue isn't grandma it's hubby. Watch the episode below and replace "grandma" with "hubby" and tell me what you think.

I am the iron fist in our house while daddy is fun daddy. That's great for princess because fun is always around, but it vilifies me because I come in like clouds on a sunny day. It is getting better, I must admit, as hubby tries to stand behind my decisions more, but it's still an issue.

Have you faced a similar issue? How did you handle it? Let a mama know because I'm lost with this one...

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blueviolet said...

I've never had that problem because I've always lived too far away. That's your answer, move away, FAR away.

pam said...

I had the problem with Daddy. The answer was we just had to communicate, communicate and I had to remind, remind.

Justice Fergie said...

i have to admit that we're both pretty even on this front. (although i think i'm a teeensy bit more fun!)

Early Bird said...

Okay Mama - here's the scoop. We males like our privileges. This may not sound kind, but it's meant to help. He's using the privilege of not having to discipline because we males can pick and choose what we want to do in this male dominant society. He needs to step up and start taking discipline and guidance seriously. He thinks he's being "fun" but he's really undermining his own authority, not creating an image of a "strong and trustworthy" parent for the child and not helping her to do what she really wants, which is to learn self control and how she "fits" within the family. Children require adults to help them understand their limits and set safe boundaries, that's why they "test" us. When we don't follow through with firm, consistent rules then we let them down and they begin to create chaos in order to feel a sense of control (they can control when the "chaos" begins and ends). Hubby needs to "Man-up" and read my blog www.downtheslide.blogspot.com which is all about positive guidance and discipline. (I used to teach parents and teachers how guidance and discipline - in English and Spanish!) Check out my blog and, for your child's sake, please e-mail me with any specific questions at fourwindscreative@yahoo.com
It's not luck, it's knowledge, patience, and experience, so I can't wish you luck, but I can help you, and "Hubby" to learn.

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