June 18, 2009

Taking it back to the basics

Princess and I went to one of her classmate's 4th birthday parties on Saturday. The party was so simple and so basic and the kids had a blast! I sound surprised, don't I? As I stood in the backyard and watched these kids fall out over playing with a hose in a blow-up pool it made me ponder all the frills and fancy that we parents try to do for these kids parties, when the truth of the matter is, all the kids really want to do is take it back to the basics!

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Mommy of Many said...

This is so true. I learned this lesson years ago at my oldest son's second christmas. He was more excited about the box and wrapping paper than the toy. He still prefers good old fresh air and open space to run and play basketball than expensive video games any day, and he's 14!

Mommy to Ander and Loki said...

It really does look like a fun time. Now, to convince my husband that my son doesn't need a jumping blow-up slide contraption thingy...sigh.

Tanyetta said...

that's what i'm talking about!

Salesdiva said...

Princess Cara is asking me to pull out her blow up pool...even in the rain. The pure joy over that and a big bouncy ball is wonderful.

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