June 03, 2009

The End of An Era

We hit another milestone in the Fergie household over the weekend: Chatterbox and Giggles got bunk beds. This is major for us because up until now, they were both sleeping on the same mattress that they have since they were babies - first in a crib and then in a toddler bed. As of Monday night, it was official - my babies had graduated to twin-sized mattresses. *Sniffle* It's all too much for mommy to handle. Couple that with the fact that Chatterbox is starting kindergarten in the Fall and that L'il Buddy is turning 1 in 3 weeks and I am a wreck. So before I lose it and start uncomprehensible wailings of "Where oh where did the time go?" let me share some photos:

The Big Girls in their Big Girl Beds

And not to be left out, here is L'il Buddy "helping" Hubby assemble the beds.

I may as well start filling out their college applications now.

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Mama Jenn said...

Awhhh! I know how you feel. We got bunk beds for my now 4 year old boys. (They were in toddler beds.) But, I haven't gotten up enough nerve to let them sleep on the top bunk yet. So, they both kick each other all night long on the bottom bunk. But, my husband is about to trump me and declare that it's time to start using the top bunk for something more than just storage! :-)

Justice Ny said...

Awwwwhhh fergie. I know how you feel. They're getting so big so quickly. There are actually some days that I look at princess and notice that she'd grown that day!

Jennifer said...

*sniffle* Time is going by so fast.

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