May 30, 2009

No more whys

My 3-year old daughter has hit the "WHY" stage. I hear "WHY" to every single thing ... why does she live there? why is her name so and so? why are we going there? why? why? why?

As you can imagine, it's driving me nuts. Her father has limited her "WHY"s to three. I can't do that (although it's working out very well for him), so I'm stuck with the hundreds of whys.

Here's the conversation in the car today...

DD: Mom, can I get my juice please?
Me: I can't get it right now.
DD: Why?
Me: I'm driving in a tunnel and I can't stop to get it?
DD: Why?
Me: Because there are no traffic lights where I can stop to look for it and give it to you.
DD: Why?
Me: more whys please (read screaming)
DD: Okay mom, okay mom (hands gesturing)....slow down! Just s.l.o.w. down!

All I could do is laugh out loud. Hilarious.

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Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! Now THAT is cute! That just had to be the end of that, right? LOL!

Sally's World said...

hee hee....too funny! i hated the why stage, I've spent countless hours answering inane 'why' questions... LOL!

Susan said...

When they get older, you can just answer, "I'm not sure - let's Google it tomorrow morning."

It never fails.

Smiling Mama said...

my son is in the exact same phase and I am going crazy!

A Shorter Mama said...

We are sooo there...

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