May 02, 2009

I need Ideas for Baby Shower Games

Hi Mama's. I know we have a lot of pressing issues like the H1N1, F.K.A. The Swine Flu. However, I am in charge of baby shower games for a shower to be held tomorrow. I have a list of games already planned, however, I was starting to think that there are probably much better games out there.

What is your favorite baby shower game?

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Silvia said...

So everybody gets a ribbon necklace (you can put a mini baby, or pacifier, or rattle on it if you find something like that) at the beginning of the shower, and you decide about a word that you cannot say, like pregnant, or baby, so every time somebody hear somebody else say the banned word, she can take the necklace from her. At the end you give a price to the person with more necklaces. said...

Cool game! Thanks Silvia! I'm on it.

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...


Didn't really have games in my baby shower They just collected all the ribbons from the gifts and stapled them to a hat which I later on wore =D. Good-luck and have fun with the baby shower.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the follow.
What's SITs?

And thanks for the Blogalicious Weekend invite. I'll definitely check it out. That's so cool!


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