May 14, 2009

Crazy, not sexy, not cool!

A funny/crazy conversation on Saturday night:

Hubby: So are you ready?
Me: Ready for what?
Hubby: Another one?
Me: Another what? (quite confused)
Hubby: Another baby?
Me: Are you crazy? (In retrospect, not how I should have answered) No...I thought we decided (together) that we were just fine with one.
Hubby: Well yes, but she's getting so big. She's not a baby any more.
Me: I know. And another one will also grow up really fast and not be a baby any more. So, let's just forge ahead with this one. She's got enough personality for us to handle!

Is he nuts? He must be joking - right? First of all, springing this on me in such a nonchalant manner. And secondly, we've already decided...we've talked about this and decided that one was just right.

I really don't think I can have another baby. It sounds really selfish of me (I know) but I honestly cannot handle another one. I'm having such a hard time balancing this act and there's only hubby and baby, I can't imagine adding another baby to the mix.

He must have been joking - or has he lost it?

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Justice Fergie said...

WHOA!! For a man to bring up that subject must mean that he's been thinking about it! I say go for it :) If you're already overwhelmed, what's one more??

No seriously, you guys might need to sit down and talk about it...again.

(you know I'm not gonna let you hear the end of it, right?)

Nerd Girl said...

As a proud member of the "one is enough" club, I was shocked when my husband said something similar (just as casually) a few months ago.

What?!?!? We talked about it, and thankfully, we're both back on the same - one only - page.

Good luck!

Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

Yeah, RC and I decided that one was enough, that we could barely handle him, who needed more aggravation . . . then I discovered I was pregnant. And I'm so glad it worked out that way!

Tara said...

I was really thinking I would stop at one. My daughter was (and still is!) a handful. Then I got pregnant with her brother. I'm glad I have both but I definitely think it would be easier if I just had one. It's a personal choice. Hope you two stay on the same page! said...

Two is the new one so you better watch out! And two is the new three, so I think you should have at least "two." DH needs a little sister to pick on. :)

kisz4tj said...

Like Justice Fergie I literally thought the same thing "If you're already overwhelmed, what's one more??"

Go ahead call me crazy too.

As a single mom of two (not that I'm advocating single's for the birds) difference really.
They occupy each other.

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