May 12, 2009

Better Tuesday: Bootcamp for a Better Me?

Last week, Justice Ny announced our plan to make Tuesdays "Better Tuesdays" - the day when we share our health and fitness progress with you. If you're feeling the need to jumpstart your wellness plan, you should join us...In fact, leave me a comment if you want to do Better Tuesdays with us - the more the merrier!

While in Dallas we were each given a health assessment to take home. No surprise - while my health stats were generally good (normal cholesterol, low blood pressure, etc.) my weight was not. In fact, an analysis of my BMI put me squarely into the "overweight" category. Yikes. Of course I've known this all along but to see it in black and white was not cute.

Since having the baby last summer, I've done a decent job of controlling my eating habits. I do (almost) all of the things that the health professionals recommend:
  • I eat a healthful but light breakfast every morning

  • I eat small meals throughout the day

  • I bring along healthy snacks with me to work

  • I avoid eating late

  • I watch my portions

  • I don't eat junk food

  • I try to avoid carbs and refined sugars (this one is really hard for me!)

Of course, there are 2 parts to every fitness and weight loss plan, right? Eat healthy and exercise. It's exercise part that I have the hardest time with. I started going to cycling classes twice a week last month and am trying to keep that up. But I need more. While we were in Dallas, I remember our fellow blogger Joshilyn saying that if there is a bootcamp program near us, then we should totally do it. And so, on Sunday I was reading the summer program guide for my county and lo and behold what did I see but an ad for a bootcamp to get moms in shape after having their babies. It's a 2-month class, every morning, five days a week from 5:45am to 6:45am. I'm thinking I need to do it. It will be hard (oh so hard) but it will force me to shed the pounds that are weighing me down physically and mentally. I haven't even mentioned it to anyone for fear that they'll think I'm crazy for entertaining the idea. But I'm thinking it's time for drastic measures.

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Tea said...

Where and when is this bootcamp? I'm in Jax as you know and would love to jump in on it.

Ash said...

I'm fortunate enough to have the benefit of a free clubhouse facility that comes with out HOA dues - they offer an 8-week Boot Camp, 4 x per year. I'm on my third one and cannot recommend the workout enough.

Mine is only twice a week though - 5:45 - 6:30. Five days a week is an awesome commitment, but the physical and mental benefits are so great.

And I'm hardly a gym rat - I promise.

Go for it!! What's two months besides the ticket to a better you :-)

Jennifer said...

I need a bootcamp... but I'm a chicken. ;-)

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