April 06, 2009

"Who are all these kids and how did I get here?"

Who is that guy, and why is he making that crazy looking face? That's Hubby's cousin who showed up at our house Friday night for a "BBQ get together" however, when Hubby invited him, he failed to warn him that there was going to be about 15-20 kids at said BBQ. He's used to the usual suspects (aka, my kids) but who can blame this single, good looking guy, (ladies, email me for the digits) for not wanting to spend a Friday evening with a bunch of kids? I think he made this face when he heard one of us talking about giving birth, birth control, or poopy diapers. Could have been anything.

So why the big BBQ? Well, the Fergies flew to Florida for a visit to the Jonesies! We kicked off the weekend with a reunion BBQ with some friends we went to college with. It was such a blast. Everyone came with their kids, and those who didn't have kids of their own showed up with some. (Really, it was quite funny). At last count we had about 17 kids and maybe 12 adults? They totally out numbered us but we had plenty of drinks to make us not notice. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the adults.

Now on to Fergie's picture here. I'm not quit sure what was going on or what was being said, but both Fergie and Little Buddy were not amused. Maybe more talk about birth? Again, who knows. Just thought I'd share that picture with you all.
Now for this picture of me below. That's me preaching to the choir (read - complaining about life as a working mom, our hubbies, or something like that). Can't quite remember what exactly it was that I was saying. At one point, the moms were planning a getaway and we were going to leave all the men to fend for themselves and the kids so that may have been me making the plans. We loved our kids too much to do that to them so we decided to stay. (Kidding)

And for the last picture. Those are some of our kids who snuck off to our new neighbor's house and decided to sit on their back patio and eat their food. Shoot me now, the neighbors just moved in a few weeks ago and they probably were in their home trying to see if they could get out of this deal somehow. We hardly throw parties so hopefully we haven't given them the wrong impression.

Okay, will fill you all in with some other details later. Need to catch up on some much needed rest!

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Ronnica said...

I love how the kids invaded the neighbors' space. Hopefully you won't be seeing a "for sale" sign go up in the next few days!

Sally's World said...

LOL...sounds hectic, I love a houseful of kids, it may get loud, mad, wrecked, but you can't help but smile....now...three days to recover, you'll be fine!!!

joanofalltrades said...

This was funny! Men always get a little queesy around birth talk (especially single men). There's nothing like a good 'ol down home BBQ. Sounds like it was fun.

Justice Fergie said...

first of all, jonesie you are dead meat for posting that pic of me!! LOL.

second - the BBQ was a BLAST. the kids had the BEST time, the adults had fun conversation (and drinks) and the food was AMAZING (shout out to Jonesie's Hubby who worked the grill). But most of all, I really enjoyed hanging out with Jonesie who I don't get to see nearly enough.

The ladies totally should have left the kids with the guys and hit the town. We're way too nice.

That picture of hubby's cousin captured his mood perfectly. He was stuck in kiddie purgatory. He was a good sport about it though!

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha! I love the kids parked on the neighbor's porch! If that's the worst thing that happens when there's that many kids in one place, then it was a roaring success. :o)
-- Nancy

Quiskaeya said...

Awwwwww...looks like fun! Too funny about the talking about birth talk. Any single guy/girl will run at such talk. It's great birth control for teens too. lol

*waving* on the other side of the computer screen to Judge Jonesie! I'm in FL too. :)

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