February 27, 2009

Yeah, it's Friday. So What?

It's Friday. And usually I am looking forward to the weekend to catch up on life (i.e. laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, etc.), but today I just feel beat. The madness will begin today at 3:30pm when I will leave work early to go see Chatterbox and Giggles perform in the Black History Month program at their school. After that I'll need to swing by the grocery to pick up something to bring to Chatterbox's dance recital tomorrow morning (at 9am).

Saturday, after Chatterbox's recital, we'll head to Giggle's ballet class, and to return library books which are due tomorrow. If I'm we're lucky the girls will take a nap before it's time for our afternoon with Giggles' Godmother. We're going to see a children's show and then to dinner. Already as it is, I will be missing a meeting for my mother's group fundraiser tomorrow evening. But something had to give.

Sunday will be here in no time and we'll have the usual chaos that attends getting to and from church. Then we'll need to go to the party store to purchase party stuff for Giggle's school birthday party (on Thursday) and her home birthday party (on Saturday). I'll have to do that stuff this weekend since I don't have time to run errands during the week after work - especially since I drive to work anymore.

Throw in a(nother) run to the grocery to shop for the week and that'll be my weekend in a nutshell. Boy, I can't wait until Monday so that I can come to work and get some rest.

Hope your weekend is more relaxing than mine!


Sheliza said...

oh my! Are you going to get to breathe in between all the madness?? I know how you feel, my weekends have been jam packed since January with volleyball practices, tournaments, piano lessons, taking care of baby.... you get my drift. Ah, the life of a mom! I hope the weekend goes smoothly for you all~!

Peter and Nancy said...

Yipes! I need a rest after just reading your post. :o) We have a forced weekend off . . . one of my three has a fever of 102.7, and husband has to work this weekend. Wanna trade?
-- Nancy

A Shorter Mama said...

Your weekends make me tired just reading them! Hope you get some rest in there.

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