February 10, 2009

Real or Reel?

Last night I got caught up in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I believe I’ve only seen one or two episodes in the past but Bravo was running a marathon and I was roped in. I believe I watched about 5 or 6 episodes last night!!! This happened a few weeks back and I was hooked on the Real Housewives of Orange County after that one cold Saturday afternoon/night while at home with hubby and our friend from school. Anyway…so I’m watching this show and after every break for commercial I asked myself – is this real? Do people really live like this? Are folks really this conceited and self-involved? I can only answer that it isn’t real. They’re not really friends and they really don’t interact with each other the way it’s portrayed on tv. I find that the OC wives and their stories were not so crazy and I wonder whether the ATL wives were putting on a show. I was fine with watching the OC wives go to lunch almost.every.day, but the ATL wives are big pimping (does anyone even say that anymore – but you know what I mean). It was the fabulous 12 year-old’s party, then Sharee’s grand 3/40-something bash, the charity event/flop and who knows what else they were up to. Is this how people really live in ATL? Is this how the black elite (as they self-describe) lives regardless of city? Or did Bravo just paint them in a less positive light?


Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

Ever been to Dallas? People live that way. Seriously.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

In Atlanta it is go big or go home. Most of us don't live like that but many are still trying to fake the funk and act like it. Big Cars, big houses, little money. Fake and phony. Too many people trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Yolanda said...

Yes people do live that way- but it doesn't mean they are actually living within their means. The financial crisis is evidence that all of the big ballers don't necessarily really have big money. I still don't believe any of the Atlanta housewives have "real" money (i.e. generational wealth) because folks like that most likely wouldn't agree to be televised. They are on that show to flaunt to the fullest whether they really have it or not.

Justice Fergie said...

I think the proof is in the pudding: if you have been following the fallout from after the first season of RH-ATL, then you know that:(1) Nene and Greg were evicted from their home that they were...RENTING (b/c the homeowner failed to pay the mortgage), (2) Sheree's house is up for auction (b/c she didn't get the big settlement from her ex that she was hoping for) and (3)the reason Kim is able to throw money around like that is b/c "Big Daddy" is Quincy Jones (from a source that we both know).

Sadly, the only ones that actually have their own money are Lisa and Ed and Eric and DeShawn. Even more sad is that it sends a message that being an athlete is the only way these black people are able to amass wealth.

Not to mention - Atlanta "wealth" is a far cry from Orange County "wealth."

I still love to watch the show though :)

online casinos gambling said...

I love that show too! Interesting!

Justice Jonesie said...

I think I agree with most of what everyone said. People with real money wouldn't make a big deal to show it off like some of the ATL women did. Kim seemed to go out of her way to flaunt her money, e.g. her daughter's party and driving around with a glass of wine.

Tanyetta said...

That show was the very example of foolishness and I watched it every single week.

It was very entertaining and the only good thing that happened on the show was NeNe's husband toasting to everyone at the end of the dinner.

I hope there's a part TWO. I LOVE the craziness of it all. LOL

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