February 25, 2009

Love it! Thursdays: Product Review: General Mills Lucky Charms!

"I want my rainbow cereal today, Mommy!"

Nothing like having your kids excited about eating. My kids have each developed their own taste buds for this or for that. In the morning I don't always have time to make 2-3 different meals for everyone.

Some days, I don't mind making eggs for Oldest and waffles with sausage for Little B & Daughter. (Okay, I do mind, but I rather pop some waffles in the toaster instead of hearing whining and complaining about eggs).

One thing I know will make everyone happy is Lucky Charms cereal, or "rainbow cereal" as Daughter calls it. Getting to eat Lucky Charms for breakfast is like a treat for them. What the kids don't know is that Lucky Charms is a nutritious breakfast options a kid can eat! Most cereals by General Mills have about 100 – 130 calories per serving and provide at least 10 key nutrients. And,

We always try to incorporate whole grain products into our family diet (brown rice, whole grain pasta, bread, etc.). Made with whole grain, Lucky Charms is fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of calcium. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recently doubled the vitamin D recommendation for children, I need to do all that I can to incorporate more vitamin D into the kids' diets. Approximately 75% of kids today don’t get the recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D -- two key nutrients for bone growth. My kids are not big milk drinkers (gasp!) even though I try, try, try to get them to drink it. What I have to do is try to give them other sources of vitamin D and calcium and what better way than to give them some Lucky Charms? The good thing is that all General Mills Big G kid cereals (including Kix, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and more) offer a good source of BOTH calcium and vitamin D in each serving. How easy is that?

A recent report in a leading consumer magazine ranked kid cereals by nutritional content, and all nine General Mills Big G kid cereals included in the report were ranked in the top half. All Big G kid cereals have at least eight grams of whole grain per serving (at least 48 grams are recommended daily), and all have 12 grams or less of sugar per serving. Fantastic!

So for those busy mornings, or when I want to give the kids a "treat," its all about one of General Mills Big G kid cereals. Our family favorite - Lucky Charms.


Smiling Mama said...

I have a special place in my heart for Lucky Charms! Growing up, we were only allowed to buy "sugar cereal" one time a year (for vacation, which was always camping) and I always chose Lucky Charms. Thanks to this post, I'm thrilled to know it is actually pretty nutritious. Thanks!

Sheliza said...

We love Lucky Charms in my household and I am not even a cereal person. Something about those little marshmallows!

Peter and Nancy said...

Hmmm . . . any good word about Cocoa Pebbles?? Probably a wee bit more sugar in those, with puffed rice to hold it all together, but they were my (rare) childhood treat/favorite.
-- Nancy

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