January 28, 2009

Remote Control

The kids are in bed. The kitchen is clean. Backpacks are ready for the next day. And it's finally time for Hubby & I to chill. We plunk ourselves into bed, grab the remote, turn on the tv...and then it starts.

On Mondays and Tuesdays (24 and RH nights), we're good because we both like those shows (ok, I'm almost certain that I'm in trouble for divulging that little tidbit). But, any other day of the week it's a battle as to who gets to choose what to watch. Usually whoever wins agrees to flip to the loser's show during commercial breaks. But neither is us is 100% happy in that situation. Tonight I had to badger and lobby to convince him that we had to watch Top Chef. But I know that little "favor" is gonna come back to bite me smack in the middle of NBA Playoff season. Do y'all have a tv-sharing system that works?

Oh and we're committed tv junkies, so don't bother suggesting that we do something cerebral like read or play Scrabble. Because, really who are we kidding?


Justice Ny said...

I am actually now absolutely in love with the Real Housewives of Orange County. I never watched the previous seasons, but there was a marathon a couple of Saturdays ago and now I'm hooked - but, I tend to love almost any reality tv show ... so!

My strategy is to watch different tvs. When we are getting along, DH and I will stay on the same floor just in different rooms and watch our respective shows. When things are really good, he usually lets me watch whatever I want. When things are bad, we stay on different floors and do our own thing. Clearly, we're in a rough spot right now. But, hey....I get to see RH:)

DemMom said...

Separate TVs! Absolutely! Or Tivo/DVR, I guess.

the search for donne... said...

Separate TVs! We also have a multiroom DVR and record all of our shows, for the losers sake if we ever decide to watch TV together (gasp!). Then we choose our location and here's where it gets sticky for us. We both like to chhhiiiillll and watch TV in the bedroom (apparently a big No No, according to Feng Shui experts)! So we fight it out as to whom is going to watch TV on the dreaded playroom couch (circa 1974).
I'm glad to see that your hubby and my hubby have similar tastes in TV shows. We are all about 24, Lost, Heroes, RH and Bad Girls Club!

Laurie, Mobile Mommy/Halo Secretarial said...

We always use PVR now. It's way more fun to watch and skip commercials anyway and it means neither of us miss shows we really care about. Plus it's so much faster to watch shows without commercials we get to watch more tv, lol

Justice Fergie said...

thanks for the comments! the thing thing is...i LIKE watching tv in the bed next to Hubby. i could watch on a separate tv, but it's so lonely!!! (i know, i know - GAG).

Anonymous said...

Don't go with the separate TVs!! The hubs and I watch TV together, but we couldn't make it without TIVO, lol!
Our rule is...whoever makes it to the TV first is in charge. The other person has to chill and wait for their opportunity. Sometimes one of us will be generous..."Hon, would you like to watch something?" And sometimes we voice our opinions, "Can we puhleeze watch something else?" But we have learned to tolerate each others shows. I can follow Smallville and Burn Notice and he can tolerate RH and DH (it's a housewife thing ;)
In short, TIVO is your answer!!!

A Shorter Mama said...

DVR saved our marriage! hahaha, we now just schedule all of our shows to be recorded and we never have to worry about missing something. We watch a lot of TV and I will say this does negatively feed our addiction but it works for us;)

Justice NY and I are in similar places which is why I am trying to justify getting a 2nd DVR for me to watch upstairs on my own! ha!

Justice Jonesie said...

Maybe watch TV in different rooms?

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