January 09, 2009

On the Internets

You must check out all of the love we've been getting in bloggityville lately:

Melanie over at Big Mama answered my life-altering shoe question over on today's edition of Fashion Friday.

My post about our ski trip and the importance of being organized was chosen as a Baby Bunching Best over the weekend.

MamaLaw also is listed as a Work/Life Blog by Cindy Krischer Goodman on The Miami Herald's Work/Life Balancing Act Blog.

MamaLaw was listed as a top "Pregnancy, Motherhood, Parenting, and Family" blog on Bap Living.

As my SIL would say: "I love that love!!" Many thanks to all...


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...


Ananda said...

You have a great blog. Many blessings, Ananda from BAP Living

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Congratulations! What great honors.

MelADramatic Mommy said...

That's awesome, congratulations ladies!

Anonymous said...


Smiling Mama said...


Genie Sea said...

Grats ladies! Well deserved :)

Anonymous said...

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