December 11, 2008

Great Christmas Buy! LeapFrog Handheld Didj

LeapFrog has really out done themselves with this one. You've probably seen the Didj in the stores, but didn't know how to pronounce it, and didn't realize all that it can do. The Didj (pronounced "did+g") is LeapFrog's Custom Learning Gaming System appropriate for ages 6-10. What does "custom gaming system" really mean? It means your child can go on-line, enter the math skills or spelling skills he or she is working on in school (for example, addition up to 12) and incorporate those skills into fun video games like Hannah Montana, Sonic, Star Wars, etc. What's great about the customizable features is that there is nothing else like it, and you can buy a number of games that your child already wants to play. Furthermore, it does a great job in balancing the gaming aspect with the learning aspect; important to the kiddos and the parents. Right? In fact, your child gets rewarded for doing well on the games. The better your child does, the more customizable options your child can choose from. Points are earned and "secret codes" are given so that your child can add additional features to the games. Customizing the games is really easy, you just connect the game to your computer, download a program, and then you can also go on-line to do more.

With Christmas right around the corner, I give the Didj five out of five! Oldest loves it and I love it. Thank you LeapFrog!

Deals: Get $10 off the Didj Custom Gaming System at Enter code HY8DSP at checkout expires 12/20/08. And get FREE shipping on purchases $50 or more.


Genie Sea said...

Gotta love Leap Frog! This company knows how to stay current, relevant and useful! Makes me wish I had little ones that age to buy it for! :)

I so love this blog! It's fun, informative and engrossing!

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

It's pronouced "did+g"... that doesn't help.

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