November 06, 2008

Love It! Thursdays Product Review: "Bouncing Billy - A Learning Adventure"

I think it's great that professional athletes and celebrities are getting into the children's publishing industry. Hearing from their role models that reading is important is great for young children and ecourages strong reading habits early on. As an added bonus, most of these new books deliver meaningful messages to kids, such as in NBA star Ricky Pierce's new book, Bouncing Billy.

The story is about Bouncing Billy, a basketball with unusual spots on his side. Billy is worried that he won't get picked by the schoolchildren to be played with at recess because he looks different than all of the other playground equipment. He soon learns that each piece of equipment is different in their own special way and that their differences allow them to be great at what they do: Jan the Jump Rope, Ted the Tennis Ball, and Fred the Football all try their best to make Billy feel better about himself. It's not until the bell rings and the kids flood outside for recess and grab Billy that he realizes that he has something that makes him unique: his unusual spots are actually finger-position markings to show kids how to easily shoot baskets. After that, Billy learns that he is special just the way he is.

Not only did Ricky Pierce write this confidence-building book for youngsters, he also created the Bouncing Billy Active Play Kit that encourages children to learn to play basketball while having fun. The Kit includes: a special Bouncing Billy basketball, the book, a duffle bag, training cones, jump ropes, music, a stopwatch and a teacher's manual. A great gift for aspiring athletes! Teachers, camps and classes can order the Play Kit here.

The bright and colorful illustrations in the Bouncing Billy: A Learning Adventure book were a hit with my girls, though I will say that the story was a bit wordy for their age. The book retails for $10.95.

I give it:

4 gavels - "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

Thanks to Ricky Pierce and the folks at Outskirts Press for sending me a copy!


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