July 23, 2008

Summer Review #1: Ginger Snaps Baby

Ok, I have to tell y'all about the cutest online gift boutique: Ginger Snaps Baby. What's unique about this boutique is that its products are inspired by children of color, which is so great, because chic baby items made especially for brown babies are rare! No matter what the color of your bambino though, you are sure to find something precious at Ginger Snaps Baby. The owner, Michele Duger, was gracious enough to send me some samples of her products, and they.are.adorable! Really. I'm in love with the Bag ID tags personalized with my girls' names. They are just darling. And, I'm a sucker for stationery, so I was tickled pink to receive some personalized notecards in a pretty and stylish print. With matching, round, address labels. So cute!

So during your next Windows shopping trip, make sure to check out Ginger Snaps Baby! MamaLaw readers can get 20% off their purchase by entering the coupon code JUSTICE20 at checkout. And, for a limited time, you'll receive free address labels with the purchase of personal note cards.


*By the way, this might go without saying, but this and forthcoming product reviews are entirely unpaid (but for the free samples) and voluntary. Just want to make that clear!*


Justice Jones said...

Oooohhhhhhh. This does sound nice. I'll have to check this out!

Jessica McFadden said...

This new store is bookmarked! Love it.

I miss you girl and cannot WAIT to meet your little man.

You are definitely not too late for the swaggy giveaway - I'll announce winners tomorrow.


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