May 21, 2008

Scene & Heard 3: In the Elevator

This morning in the elevator on the way to my office floor, Starbucks cup in hand.

Woman: "What are you doing drinking coffee?" Flashes fake smile.

Me: "Actually it's not coffee - it's decaf tea." Flashes fake smile.

Woman: "Actually, tea is just as bad as coffee." Flashes fake smile.

Me: "Not if it's decaffeinated." Flashes fake smile. [Thinking: Why are you all up in my cup??]

Woman: "Good luck with your pregnancy, dear!" Flashes fake smile and waves.

Maybe I need to start looking mean. Apparently my demeanor gives people the idea that I'm approachable and they can just tell me whatever they want!


Justice Jones said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD???!!! People have lost their minds over there. Neither coffee or tea, decaff or not, is harmful to the baby(in moderation, of course). Yes, some herbal teas can be harmful but in general, they are perfectly safe. This is nuts. Next time you see that woman you should tell her off. I'm tired of people thinking they can talk to other people any way they want to.

Shelliza said...

Ditto justice jones! I drank coffee throughout my pregnancy and since I was always tired, I drank lots of it! My son's fine as can be. I wish people whould just shut the h*ll up sometimes!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

What's going on with people giving you hell? I think you should check your back for kick me signs. Next time just give them the hand up and tell them to stop before they even begin!

3XMom said...

Seriously, again??!!! I think I would have poured the tea on her. The NERVE of people.

Justice Ny said...

This is funny.'s because you are so pleasant and happy all the time AND because you look so young that people feel like the have free reign to give you "advice". Look at the bright side - you look 24 and new at this stuff,,,no one would know that you are a pro:)

Anonymous said...

What? Man, drink that tea! Next time people want to give you unsolicited baby advice, be like me and play deaf!

JJ said...

girl, that is so it. by my third child, no one said anything to me and i didn't even have to walk around with a frown and my arms crossed, i just emitted some secret phermone that warned ppl don't say nothing jacked up to me cause i will cut you.

i wish i had bottled up whatever that was. i coulda sols you some. :D

good luck. it's almost over. well not really, but...ha!

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