May 07, 2008

First Dances

First, let me start by showing off two of the three handsome boys in my life. That's Hubby and Oldest. I found a suit just like Hubby's and Oldest wore it to a wedding we went to in Miami. Don't they look sharp! I still can't get over how much they look alike.

Now on to the more exciting news. Oldest had his first dance at the wedding. He looked so sharp he was able to snag him a couple of the flower girls. He danced so much he had to take his jacket off.
Of course I started snapping tons of pictures right away. Oldest was embarrassed but he didn't mind too much when I asked everyone to pose for a picture.

That's Oldest, his cousin, and the girls. I love how the girls "posed" for the shot.


Shelliza said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That's one good lookin' group you've got there.

JeniBeans said...

Awww, what a handsome young man you have there! He's already getting in with the ladies, eh? mine too...and he just turned 7 yesterday. *sigh* lol

Justice Ny said...

Too cute jonesie....too cute!

Justice Fergie said...

love it!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You've got some great looking men there!

Sheliza said...

Everyone looks so cute! And those girls sure were posing!!

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