January 23, 2008


Is for the weak I always say.

But boy am I weak after last weekend. Since we were away, the girls had a hard time at night since they weren't in their own beds. Each night it was a new drama. Let's see...

Friday night: I couldn't sleep because I was hot and my nose and throat were dry (chalk it up to pregnancy hormones).

Saturday night: Chatterbox took advantage of spending the entire day with Auntie Fe and her cousins and indulged on a wide assortment of random foods, including cotton candy courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese. I had forgotten to warn Aunt Fe that she has a sensitive stomach so Chatterbox had a tummy ache and was moaning and groaning all night long.

Sunday night: Giggles and Chatterbox kept having nightmares. I think Chatterbox's stemmed from sneaking into her cousins' room and watching parts of Batman Begins. Poor thing. She was visibly shaken.

And so basically I had three sleepless nights. But it's good practice I suppose. Come July I won't be sleeping at all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If your new baby is anything like my 11 month old, you are right, might as well get practice. My little girl wouldn't sleep anywhere, anytime, in any thing for about 4 months!

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