January 31, 2008

Raising a Son

I love having my one-on-one time with Oldest. When the three kids are all together, it's chaos. It's louder than a school yard playground (or it feels like it to me) and someone is always unhappy with the someone else, most of the time at least. Even if everyone is happy it seems so loud.

Anyhow, some days when I'm working from home I pick up Oldest early, when school gets out instead of sending him to after-school care. On those days, he likes to "take a rest" before we pick up everyone else and me and him chill out on the couch. I work on my computer, he watches some TV. I feel terrible that he's the only one that gets to come home but that makes me work that much faster. I get nothing done with the other two, even if I have one of them.

I digress, so this afternoon, everyone was home and it was crazy. Typical. I was thinking about some of our conversations and thought again at how much little boys are just like grown men, on their ideas of life at least. Having a son has helped me to better understand my husband. It really has. Sometimes I think, "that explains it, he just can't help it!" It's like they are born to think and do certain things, things that just don't make much sense.

During another conversation with Oldest today, my theory was confirmed once again.

ME: So, how was school?
OLDEST: Fine. (Typical male response.)
ME: Did you have your test today? How did you do? (Typical female response, ask 50 questions.)
OLDEST: No, Mrs. Teacher wasn't there. We had a sub.
ME: She wasn't there, where was she?
OLDEST (Trying not to roll his eyes at the fact that we're officially into the the 50 questions stage of our conversation): She was at the Preschool today, with the little kids.
ME: At the Preschool, why would she go there?
OLDEST: I don't know, it's not any of my business.
ME: Oh.

Hey, the kids right. What could I say? He said it so matter-of-fact. Men see things so simple. Things happen, they don't question it, they just go with the flow.



Justice Fergie said...

LMAO! That is sooo funny. And sooo true. Men really do see everything in "black and white." then again, they ARE from mars.

BTW - you are not really encouraging me with your description of a 3-child household! in fact, i'm a little bit scared!

Rachel said...

Man and boys are so linear. It is so different from women. I love having a boy but I can already see how he is like his poppa.

Sheena said...

He is too grown for me, lol. I can't wait.

Dee said...

Hah! My oldest is the same way. He doesn't analyze why people do whatever they do. Everything is so matter of fact for him.

JJ said...

that sounds just like the days i pick up my oldest and leave the loud toddler in day care for an extra two hours while i work and the oldest watches TV. AND...that is EXACTLY how our after school convos go. Too funny.My eldest boy and hubby are the same sign so they are eerily very alike. I've learned and am learning a lot too.

so true about the three child family. i can relate. :D

Gunfighter said...

Oddly enough, that sounds like my daily after-school conversation with my nine year old daughter.

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