December 03, 2007

Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here...

December's officially here! Time to get in the mood for Christmas. I think because my girls are both old enough to get excited about things, I am extra excited. To kick off our holiday season, Saturday we began by having our own ornament party. And I say that very loosely seeing as how the girls are both of the age where coloring on the paper is not nearly as intersting as coloring on the dining room furniture. But anyway. Washable markers and non-toxic glue in hand, we printed out ornament instructions from Kaboose and got to work. Afterwards we settled in front of the fire and watched the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on NBC. It was great! The girls were mesmerized from start to finish. We've definitely got to take them in person one year.

Yesterday we went to see a holiday light show sponsored by a local hospital. You stay in your car and drive through an elaborate display of lights, listening to accompanying music on your radio. It was big fun. Sunday was also Day 2 for the infamous advent calendar. My sister and I had one of those every year when we were growing up as long as I can remember. My mom even sent them to us at college. I know Chatterbox and Giggles don't quite get what all the fuss is about, but once they realized that CHOCOLATE was hiding behind each little door, they got real excited. Speaking of chocolate, my Ghirardelli Hazelnut Hot Cocoa and marshmallows are patiently waiting for me at home. Hubby has already gorged himself on eggnog - each year he continues his quest for the perfect blend.

The inside of our house is almost all decorated. The living and dining rooms mostly because that's all I can keep up with. I was just putting the finishing touches on last night when the power went out thanks to a wind storm. Which was a blessing in disguise because, the decorating, dishes, and laundry all had to wait. I'll try to finish up this evening. The only bummer is that we don't have outdoor outlets for some bizarre reason, so no outdoor lights... Any ideas on how to make the exterior festive?

Other holiday activities we have planned: 2 holiday parties, a cookie decorating party, a trip to a puppet show rendition of The Nutcracker and, of course, a visit to see Santa at the mall.

Ho Ho Ho!

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