October 31, 2007

Yes, I Actually Looked This Up

Oldest has made a simple request, he wants to be a Ghost and all he wants is a "white sheet with two holes." I offered to buy him several costumes but he declined my offer. I even said, "I'm not sure how to make a nice ghost." And he said, "Simple, put a white sheet on my head, cut two holes for the eyes, then cut the bottom. It's so simple, and that's what I want." It's not that I don't want him to be a ghost, it's just that I want him to be really cool ghost, not just a white sheet with two holes.

So, finally, here I am, at 4 p.m. on Halloween night, checking to see if I can find directions on how to jazz up a white sheet with two holes but it seems as if I can't. Luckily, I bought the white sheet already (you never know, maybe there will be a Halloween shortage).

In case anyone is confused on how to be a Ghost, here are the directions. It seems Oldest had it right on the money. What a smart boy.

How to Create a Ghost Costume

Introduction: Here's a quick, easy-to-make Halloween costume. Remember to get creative with enhancements so that your little one stands out among the other ghosts running around on Halloween night.

Difficulty: Easy

Step One
Get your hands on a white sheet that you don't mind cutting. Remember to wash it before you use it.

Step Two
Put the sheet over the person who plans to wear it, with the person's head in the middle of the sheet.

Step Three
Draw two circles around each of the person's eyes with a crayon or other blunt marker.

Step Four
Mark how much material has to be removed to keep the sheet off the ground.

Step Five
Remove the sheet.

Step Six
Cut the eyeholes in the sheet using cloth scissors, and cut the bottom off if needed.

Step Seven
Cut the sheet in a ragged fashion at the bottom for a more ghostly effect.

Tips & Warnings
If desired, you can enhance the eyeholes with paint. Green and black are especially effective.
Be sure there is complete visibility from inside the costume, especially if the wearer plans to go trick-or-treating.

Stop eyeing that "Star Wars"-print flannel bed sheet. It won't work. If you don't have white sheets, go for a ready-made ghost costume.


Justice Fergie said...


oldest is full of surprises. one day he wants sushi and the other he just wants a white sheet.

what a well-rounded fellow :)

Justice Jones said...

Yes, he really is. That's why I was so skeptical, how can this boy, who wants a home with a two story library (yes, he actually keeps asking when we'll move into a house like this) want just a white sheet? He was very pleased with his creation.

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