October 15, 2007

Close Encounters of the Bloggy-Kind

***** Update - it just so happened that a girl in my office stumbled upon our blog today after visiting dcmetromoms. And guess what, she saw my pic! So, here we go, another reader right here in our back yard! Funny!!!!

How exciting! Our first Real-Life Bloggy Friend Encounter.

Last weekend, Justice Ny and I were at a mutual friend's house celebrating her son's birthday when our blog came up in conversation. J. Ny swore that she recognized one of our blog readers, J.J., from a previous party that our friend had hosted. Sure enough, when J.J. arrived she confirmed that she visits MamaLaw! What are the odds? She is a sweetheart - funny, smart and adorably preggars. Pleased to finally meet you J.J.!

L to R: Justice Ny, Justice Fergie and JJ from Mischief Makers.


JJ said...

Hey Cool!!! What a great picture, my chubby cheeks and all. It was great seeing you guys too! That was a cool discovery, eh?

Thnx for the linky love too. I was wondering where all those extra hits came from...LOL!!! I was like that's not from my 5 readers! ha!

JJ said...

Oh and thanks for the kind words. I think you guys are witty, funny, smart, loveable and wonderfully charismatic too...in the blogsphere and real world!

JeniBeans said...

What a gorgeous group of women you 3 are! Glad you got to meet up with one another. =)

Yolanda said...

Great picture of a group of lovely bloggers! JJ you are looking fab Mama- can't wait for the princess to make her arrival.

Beth F. said...

THIS IS SO COOL! I love it! And the picture is great, you're all beautiful! J. Ferg, I love your top!


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