October 30, 2007

Being a mom and looking great - you can have them both!

Addendum to my post about work/life balance -- which, by the way, was drafted about 12 days ago and just never made it to the blog - so much for work-life balance:)

Anyway, in honor of the last day of this month (can't remember whether it's Work-life appreciation month - or what!!!) I convinced myself that I MUST stay up beyond my bed-time to post this entry to the blog.

I think that it is possible to balance all the pressures of daily life as a working mom AND still look fabulous - how, you ask????

First tip, get a trim/cut as regularly as you can. Uncombed hair works very well if it was recently trimmed/cut. You will find that you can get away with a quick finger toss, if it's been freshly cut.

Second tip, take your styling utensils to work with you. I would try to get myself and DD together in the morning and out the house by 8 a.m. - and it just wasn't working. And then one day when I was running a bit late, I decided to take the flat iron into work with me and do my hair when I got to work. Ta da!!!!!! why didn't I think about this before. It saves me about 15 minutes every morning and my hair looks a little bit better because it doesn't have to face the elements on the way into the office.

Last tip, get a pair of fabulous black or brown pumps. Pumps always dress you up and it makes you feel sexy and in control. I advocate having a beautiful pair of shoes handy at all times. For me, it's such the opposite of a "mama" stereotype that it takes me out of that mama-mode and transforms me into the power lady at the job. When I'm in pumps, I think I'm hot and that makes me feel good which translates into a happier mom and happier wife - this is in my world and I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flack for this tip:)

To bed I go!!!!!!


Justice Fergie said...

all good tips! though you'll never catch me doing my hair at work. i pass way too many people on my way to my office and i am much to vain for that :) my advice - sleep in rollers. works like a charm. the advice about the pumps is great though. i'm in the market for some.

Justice Jones said...

Wow, I felt sexy and empowered just reading these tips. I agree, a nice pair of pumps and the world is yours :)

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