September 26, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot: Love IT! Thursdays

This week's topic is on the best thing next to sliced bread, ON Demand from Comcast. Although On Demand is great for a variety of reasons, I'll focus my attention on how it will help you get your sexy back.

But first, some background. After three kids, and gaining an average of over 50lbs each on my 5'1" frame, I am determined to improve my physique and tone up. Afterall, I'm only 30 and 30 is the new 20. So I better look hot. In the past I have dabbled in yoga, Pilate's, strength training, etc. but nothing has really kept me motivated long enough to see some major results. Or maybe life just got too busy and I couldn't make it to the gym at a reasonable time. Sometimes I just got bored of what I was doing. Like when Daughter was born I started doing Windsor Pilate's. It went well for about six weeks and I did start to see some improvements. Eventually, I got bored with that and before I knew it, I was doing it about once a week and then never.

Going to the gym never works well for me either. I never manage to get there during the day and once I'm home for the evening, I usually do not like to go back out unless absolutely necessary and I'm not to the point where going to the gym is necessary. I should be but I'm not there yet . I admire those moms that get in a two hour work out while the kids are at school and still manage to have dinner on the table when everyone's hungry. That's awesome.

I suppose I could get up at 5:30, go to the gym, and return in time to help Hubby with rounding up Oldest for school. But let's keep it real, that won't happen. And yes, there is a small fitness center in our subdivision but again, this involves me leaving the house and I'm not into that after a certain time. I do take advantage of it maybe 2-3 times a month, but that's not enough. The fitness center is small and all I can really do is cardio and some of the machines, but that's boring.

Well, about six weeks ago I started doing the exercise shows On Demand. And let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!! It's like having your own personal trainer come to your home whenever you are ready to work out. And if this means you have your three kids join "the session," then so be it. Or if your workout outfit are your pjs, that's fine too.

Let me briefly stop to brief you about On Demand. And forgive me if I sound like a commercial. But On Demand is this feature on cable, kind of like Tivo I guess, where you can watch shows, movies, and a variety of different programming on just about anything, and it's "on demand." Meaning, when you want it. Push of a button and the menu pops up and there you have it. Anything from how to discipline your child to how to play the piano. Most people are aware of being able to watch movies or the repeats of some of the major network or cable shows on Demand but it offers so much more. FOR FREE. Let me repeat, Free! Gratis! Nick Jr., Noggin, and PBS Kids, are all On Demand. So when your little Dora is demanding to watch Dora (no pun intended) you have several Dora shows to choose from without having to break the bank at BlockBuster of Target to buy or rent Dora movies.

Since my focus is about fitness shows available, let me get back to that. The reason why I love the fitness shows On Demand so much is because again, I can work out when I want to, get a great workout, and vary my workouts with endless possibilities. Yoga, dancing, weight training, cardio, you name it, they got it. They even have kid friendly programs like Kids Yoga. (The kids love it.) I especially like that I can do mix and match workouts so that I can focus on whatever it is I want to focus on. For example, I can do Ten minute Bun and Thighs, follow that with Tank Top Arms (six minutes), then 13 minutes of Booty Beat and finally, a 16 minutes OneMileJog. Yes, a one mile jog incorporating all kinds of fun stuff. Then maybe the next day I'll do 35 minutes of Bellydancing for Beginners or maybe I only have time for a 15 minute Pilate's routine. Then the next day I'll do Cardio Kick Butt (this one is awesome, it incorporates Karate moves and cardio for the best bun and thigh workout you'll ever have). You get my point.

So, I have finally found a workout regime that works with me and my schedule. Better yet, I actually enjoy it and have fun (Booty Beat is lots of fun). The last time I was this into working out was in college and that was sometime in the 90s. Pathetic, I know, but better late than never. At some point, I will have a fabulous body. Okay, maybe not fabulous, but at least nicely shaped.

So try it out! You may find yourself really having time to get a quick ab workout in or better yet, combine your "classes" for a full hour of cardio, strengthening and toning.

Again, forgive me if I sound like a commercial but rest assured, I'm not getting paid for this.

I give Comcast On Demand:

5 gavels: "Love it! Can't live without it!"


tAnYeTTa said...

this is a great tip. i never thought of on demand. i have to see if we have it on our cable box. ;)

Justice Fergie said...

what an AWESOME tip! you know, we use On Demand for our "movie nights" and when the kids are screaming for Barney or Yo Gabba Gabba, but I've never thought to use it for workouts.

On Demand ALSO has great kids shows that teach them foreign languages. So far my kids have been watching the french and spanish shows and they love them

but i am with you in that getting to the gym is not happening on a regular basis, so I'm excited to check out the workout shows On Demand. Booty Beat sounds like fun :)


Yolanda said...

I used to love me some on demand when we were in Atlanta and they do have excellent fitness shows. Unfortunately there's no more comcast in Dallas so no ondemand for us, oh well!

Susan said...

I love the on-demand channels on our cable (Time Warner). But I hadn't really considered the exercise ones. Great idea.

Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt

Jodi said...

this is soooo interesting to me! you see, i work on community programming and our channel format is "on demand". We produced several exercise shows last spring and they have been some of our biggest hitters. When I was pitching the idea, I kept saying the "on demand" format is PERFECT for exercise shows - and it's true!

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