September 17, 2007

Quick, Before I Change My Mind

So I really couldn't care less about football. Seriously. I mean, it was fun in college because I attended a D1 school and my hubby played for the team, but when it comes to the But, hubby (like most men with a pulse) loves the game. I'll totally watch him play on the weekends in his intramural league, but asking me to watch Monday (or Sunday or Saturday or Thursday) night football is like asking me to clean chicken for 3 hours. I'd rather be giving birth without an epidural.

And since football season is just starting, and we've already had a handful of mini-arguments about the "tv selections" and scheduling "weekend activities," I figure that maybe it would be nice if I tried to take an interest in the game. Even the party we went to on Saturday night consisted in large part of people screaming back and forth about who they thought was the best receiver - Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. (The only factoid I had to contribute was the T.O. has a line of children's books - which I am proud to say nobody else knew about, heh heh) But I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great if we actually could enjoy this interest of hubby's together? I see those women who are all into the game and know players and stats and win records, and plan game parties and blah di blah di blah. And while I don't need to get to the level of wearing teal and orange sweatsuits, it would be cool if I could actually sit through a chunk of a game without wanting to pull out my hair.

So, anybody have any tips? I figure the first step is to make myself knowledgeable in the area. Any football for dummies-type websites I can start with? I'm already all over this book.

My hubby thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now you know how much I L.O.V.E football, and yet no mention of me??? sigh- Anyway, I would say pick a favorite team, umm Gators, and start watching those games first. I kinda can see baby bro's point. Hubby and I schedule play dates around Gameday!!! LOL You gotta love it!!!
Auntie Fe
Gooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!

Justice Fergie said...

Um, YES there was a mention of you -
"I see those women who are all into the game and know players and stats and win records, and plan game parties and blah di blah di blah."

Sound familiar?

And I did watch part of the Gator game on Saturday...We spanked that a**!

Jodi said...

I hear ya! My husband cannot watch a steelers game and take care of my son at the same time.

bensrib said...

I did this with baseball years ago - my man is a die-hard Mets fan - but quickly forgot everything I ever thought I knew. I still try to keep up somewhat, but like I said in my blog today, I only have so much RAM. Bless his heart, he's very sweet about it. He remembers all the baseball stats, I remember everything else. It works for us. Karen

Mel said...

I would like to get into football too although my situation is a bit different because hubby is not a huge fan. He will watch it if there isn't anything to do, but we definitely do not schedule things around football. I must admit though the hanging out with other people and tailgating is probably the big reason I want to get back into the action!

Dee said...

My husband is an all around sports fan, but my eyes glaze over when any sport not involving sequins or ribbons somehow comes on. Sorry, no help here! ;-)

Justice Ny said...

Fergie...I'm just like Dee. DH loves anything with a ball involved - football, baseball, golf, tennis - anything. I've resorted to simply calling everything "ball" because who can keep track:)

Anyhow, I have taken the opposite approach. That's his thing and I'm letting him have it. I don't want him to share my thing - shoppoing. In fact, I would be absolutely disgusted if he tried to get into shopping with me.

Now, I know it's great to do things together as a family, but so far since another season of ball has started I've found that I actually have some time to myself on Sundays because all he wants to do is watch tv. That's fine with me. He doesn't mind staying at home for 3 hours while DD sleeps - which means, I can go shopping, get my nails done, whatever.

So, I say stick to your thing. If you're not into the "balls" - let him have it and use the time to do something for you.

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