September 19, 2007


Things have been absolutely crazy recently. I got a promotion and started a new position in a new office about three weeks ago and I feel like I've been going stir crazy. My Office is short-staffed and I'm learning the ropes, so it's more overwhelming than usual. Then DD changed day care centers - and along with that comes some adjustment in terms of patterns and routines. I'll be back on the scene soon - I promise. I miss reading the blog and blogging. It's such a release!!!!!!

So, Fergie....please keep blogging. And everyone else, please come on back tomorrow for LIT!


JeniBeans said...

Good to hear from you. I have been wondering where you other two were. Congratulations on the promotion. You'll learn the ropes quick enough, I'm sure.

How's the new daycare working out for DD?

Justice Ny said...

DD is doing so well - I'm not surprised though. But thans for asking. It's a great place and she's learning so much. In 2 weeks, she's talking so much more than she was before at the other center. So, I love it!

One day, I'll find some time to fill everyone in.

Justice Jones said...

Congrats on the promotion!! Awesome!!!

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