September 29, 2007

I Need a Cookie (It's a Giveaway!)

Last night, about 30 minutes after my girls were supposed to be sound asleep, my hubby went into their room to make sure they were tucked in. Taken aback by the pungent smell, he immediately threw on the light and there was Oldest, covered in CHERRY RED nail polish. She somehow managed to sneak a bottle of my polish into her room and was trying to give herself a mani-pedi in the dark. Can we say D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R? After 30 minutes of scrubbing her with nail polish remover, hosing her down in the bathtub and making futile efforts to wash her sheets, everyone was finally in bed (albeit some in shades of pink). Sigh.

But, when I’m not wanting to pull my hair out because of the latest catastrophic mess that my 3-year-old has managed to get herself into, I love coming up with fun projects for us to do together. We especially love to cook and bake. So when I was contacted by the creators of Chit Chat Brands, I was excited to learn about their
Chit Chat and Chew line of baking kits. Each baking kit comes with your choice of ingredients to make delicious cookies or brownies AND a set of Chit Chat Cue Cards that are filled with fun and educational questions and activities that allow you and your loved ones to bond over fun conversation.

As exasperating as the nail polish whole fiasco was, I’ve got to imagine, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, so it got me thinking – what are your worst toddler mischief anecdotes? The best (or worst?) one wins a
Chit Chat and Chew Assorted Variety Cookie and Activity Kit shipped directly to them! The kit contains enough ingredients to make 1 dozen chocolate chip, 1 dozen raisin, and 1 dozen peanut butter cookies along with the Chit Chat Cue Cards to start the conversation while the cookies are in the oven.The contest ends at midnight on Sunday EST, so make sure to leave your (brief) story in the comments before then!But wait! There’s more. If you’d like to purchase a Chit Chat and Chew kit, DC Metro Moms Blog readers are being offered an exclusive discount shipping code for ordering via this link. Sweet.

Oh and, if you happen to know of a way to remove nail polish from bed sheets, please let me know. I’d be forever in your debt.

You can read about other toddler debacles and more, at
DC Metro Moms Blog, where this contest is cross-posted.

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