August 29, 2007

The Birthday


After staying up late the night before slaving over 2,000 or so pieces, various nuts and bolts and a disturbing amount of faux backsplash tiles, Auntie Lisa and I finished putting together the kitchen for Chatterbox. Check out my fly gift-wrapping job. I'll be working weekends at your local mall come holiday season.

The birthday girl drinking her morning milk and not looking the least bit impressed at Mommy's wrapping skills.

Post-unveiling. Notice the authentic-looking pepper mill and spice rack. But ignore the "crown molding" accents on top of the kitchen. Fatigue got the best of us the night before, but we ended up putting them on later that day.

Party Time!! This year we partied at Pump It Up. It was big fun. And invloved absolutely no cleaning up by Mommy. Totally worth every penny.

Jumping for joy.

Giggles plotting her next move.

Climbing up the slide.

She is so proud of herself because it took awhile before she could stand up in here on her own. Yay Giggles!

Dad coaxing her to get out of the car to give the others a turn.
"Why? It's my party and I'll drive if I want to."

Chatterbox on her inflatable throne.

Enjoying the fine dining.

The pinata.
No, the huge piece of cake in my hand is absolutely not for me.

Candy! And plastic waterguns. Which I later found out appalled one of the moms.
Oh, lighten up.

Dad chowing down.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Overall a success. Not without a mishap or two of course. For example, as soon as we got there, we found out the Chatterbox's excitement had gotten the best of her in these early years of potty-ing. After a quick trip to Target, she was ready to bounce in a brand new (dry) outfit. It was sheer luck that the only matching summer outfit left on the rack was in a 4T.
Until next year...


Justice Jones said...

How cute and what a big girl. Oldest wants to do his bday at pump it up. Sounds like a winner idea to me!

calbar blondie said...

Forget those moms who get "appalled" at everything. They'll be the head kindergarten mom and you can just roll the eyes at the things they say!!!
My oldest son is a senior in high school and I truly think I've seen and heard it ALL!
Happy Birthday to Chatterbox!

Yolanda said...

What a lovely party for a lovely girl!!! Happy Birthday Chatterbox!

Minivan mom said...

So adorable! She looks very happy with her party.

And I am one of those moms who who is militantly anti-gun, but even I wouldn't be offended by water guns at a birthday party. Sheesh.

divaliscious11 said...

Those little kitchens are great. So are Pump it up parties. I think I go to at least 10 a year! we are currently deciding between PIU and a bowling party....

JJ said...

cute. cute. cute!!! happy belated!

Traci said...

Happy belated, Chatterbox. I can't wait until Mademoiselle gets older. I want to buy her a little kitchen too.

Beth said...

I love everything about this post. She is so cute and I'm sure she had a fantastic birthday! Her kitchen is almost bigger than mine.

Lucky girl.

If I come to visit, will you take me to Pump it Up?

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