July 20, 2007

Gosh I Have Good Taste

So I'm watching Episode 5 of my beloved Top Chef - Miami last night and imagine my surprise when Padma announces that the guest judge for the contestants' pastry challenge is Maria Frumkin - the very woman who made my wedding cake! So I elbow hubby and exclaim, "hey! remember Maria? She did our cake!" And of course he has absolutely no recollection of the woman. Even though we drove an hour and a half to her cafe in Miami, had lunch with her, and did an entire cake tasting. At which he adamantly chose the banana filling. A choice to which I conceded because, after all, marriage is all about compromise, right? So why not get a head start? But I digress.

But really, he even completely drove by Chatterbox's school this morning when dropping off her school forms and had to call me to remind him where the building was, so why on earth would he recall meeting an Argentinian pastry chef 5 years ago. It wouldn't be natural.

And since we're talking about food and chefs and whatnot, I forgot to tell y'all that I saw Govind Armstrong while we were in New Orleans. And if you have no idea who Govind Armstrong is, you betta' ask somebody.

I dragged hubby into Sucre on Magazine Street because I'm a sucker for anything pastry-sweet-boutique related and even from outside, the place looked fabulous. As soon as I stepped foot in the door, there he was. In all of his beautiful skin and hair glory. I froze. It was pathetic! I totally was starstruck by a chef. A chef for pete's sake. And it's not even like it was Rachael Ray (I know I know, she's not a "chef") or Emeril who are clearly big celebs. Of course, I didn't say hi or anything but instead tried to act very nonchalant and very cosmopolitan and pretended to inspect the confections for the proper consistency of the marzipan and the like, because HELLO! that's what real chefs do.

And then we left. Hubby kept trying to convince me to take a picture of Chef Armstrong with my camera phone but I refused. After all, I am not some crazy-fan-chef-stalker-chick. Right? Right??

Though he kinda makes it hard not to be.


Doulala said...

That is a beautiful man! And he can cook!?! I think I'm in love!

Justice Jones said...

Hellooooooo Sexxxxxxy!! Can I get whip cream on mine!!!

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