June 18, 2007

All the Cool Kids Are Saying It

I. Am. Beat. It's never fun to start the week exhausted. But I am. And I blame it all on J. Jones and J. Ny for starting my weekend off with cute little orange and pink drinks of the alcohol persuasion. Let's just say it was more than a leetle hard for me to jump out of bed on Saturday morning. And then, my friend and I decided to take our kids to see their first movie in the theatre. I must have still been tipsy if I thought my two hooligans were going to sit through Shrek the Third. Actually, they did surprisingly well and sat "quietly" - it's all relative - for about 45 minutes. Shortly thereafter, chaoes ensued and we ended up leaving early. Which was really a shame because we the kids we were really enjoying the movie. But it was a good trial run. Tiring but fun. Add in the three strawberry margaritas I had at my mom's night out on Saturday and you can imagine how I felt by Sunday morning. But still, I made hubby a big breakfast for Father's Day and cleaned the house from top to bottom. And kept the girls busy so Dad could relax on his special day. Dropped his aunt to the airport and played with the girls on their Slip n' Slide. By the time Top Chef came on at 9pm, I was a goner. And so, this morning I am beat. But it's a happy tired. And that rocks.

Oh and this morning rocked. Having a nanny come to your house is positively delightful! This morning, Nini arrived bright and early and the girls were ecstatic. I'm sure they're still showing her exactly where they keep each and every one of their personal belongings. And now that she's only watching my two kids instead of her normal 5, she is looking forward to doing a lot more with them, and that rocks. As I was leaving, she was setting up a craft area for them while having Chatterbox count the number of pink shoes in her closet. Actually, I bet she's still counting. The poor thing has inherited Mommy's passion for shoes through no fault of her own. But I digress. Getting out of the house this morning was a breeze. There were no cranky wake-ups, no frantic dressing and no hasty daycare bag packing, and no jumping into the car speeding to work, sweating profusely. It was great. And that's when I realized that we have been led astray ever since I brought Chatterbox to her first day of daycare. We could have been living the easy life all this time! But that's ok. I'm just glad the daycare snafu has been resolved. I am already looking forward to the extra 30 minutes of sleep that I plan to add on tomorrow morning. And that definitely rocks.


Anonymous said...

Yay nannies! I had a mother's helper for a while last year - what a Godsend.

Enjoy your sleep, and enjoy that coffee today! lol

Justice Jones said...

I won't say I told you so re: the nanny!!!!
Sounds like a fun weekend. As for myself, I was asleep by 8:27pm. And I slept until 7:45 am. It was great seeing you all!

Lawyer Mama said...

Extra sleep!? That sounds fantastic. I am so jealous!

Big Mama said...

Anything that includes an extra 30 minutes of sleep is a good thing in my book.

Glad you had a fun weekend!

3XMom said...

lol. You seriously make me rethink our daycare hearing this! And how does one get a mother's helper..THAT I will need to get.

Yolanda said...

Glad it worked out so great!

Anonymous said...

I would so love to have a Mother's helper!

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